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Organic, Farm-To-Table Meal Delivery and Nutrition Consulting Service

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Who We Are

EAT ORGANIX is an organic, gluten free, farm-to-table meal delivery service located conveniently in the heart of Los Angeles. We strive to deliver healthy meals comprised of fresh, local ingredients – packaged in biodegradable containers – right to your door.

Along with our meals, we also offer Nutritional Consulting to help you achieve a healthy lifestyle.

EAT ORGANIX is an Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Company, we do our best to be as Green as possible. Our products, such as our containers, daily delivery menus and business cards are made from either plants or recycled paper. Our bags and ice packs are also non-toxic and reusable.

Why Organic Food is so Important

Conventional produce is grown with an overwhelmingly high amount of pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides – most of which do not simply disappear with a quick rinse of water. When these harmful chemicals are consumed they affect the nervous system, hormones (linked to weight gain), reproductive system, neurological system, and can even cause cancer. This is why we believe so much in organic food. It is immeasurably vital to our health.



“We deliver your meals twice a week on Sunday and Wednesday evenings from 8pm-6am.  Each delivery consists of three days worth of food.  We are currently serving Los Angeles County, San Fernando Valley, Westside and Orange County”



Choose an ideal food plan, ranging from Weight Loss, Stay on Track or Fitness Plans, or choose Lunch and Dinner only!



Customize your food profile with any allergies or dislikes, so we can get your meals just right.



Start date is the next available Monday or Thursday after you sign up. You will receive a confirmation with the Date of your first delivery.



Enjoy your fresh, farm to table meals daily. Our chefs will prepare each meal tailored to your food profile.

Our Packages

All Full Day Packages include Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and 1 Cold Pressed Juice from The Raw Juicery LA per day. All meals are gluten-free and made with organic and locally sourced ingredients. Minimum of 3 days purchase.


3 Days
Per Week
Per Month

For those wanting to lose weight and slim down, while remaining a healthy and satisfying diet.

Female Calorie Range: 1200-1400

Male Calorie Range: 1700-1900

*Add-On for those with Specific Health needs such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol, etc. + $10/Day,


3 Days
Per Week
Per Month

For those who want to maintain their healthy weight, stay energized and keep your metabolism boosting with our nutritious meals.

Female Calorie Range: 1500-1800

Male Calorie Range: 2000-2400

*Add-On for those with Specific Health needs such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol, etc. + $10/Day,


3 Days
Per Week
Per Month

For Athletes that need a higher protein intake and larger portions, designed to help you have the fuel you need throughout the day.

Female Calorie Range: 1900-2300

Male Calorie Range: 2500-2900

*Add-On for those with Specific Health needs such as Diabetes, High Cholesterol, etc. + $10/Day,


Per Week

This package includes only 5 lunches and 5 dinners at Weight Loss portions for Monday-Friday!


Per Week

This package is family style and will feed 2-3 people, Lunch & Dinner for Monday-Friday!


At EAT ORGANIX, we don’t just count calories. We believe that you should eat what makes you feel great.  Our food’s nutritional content is based on macronutrients with an average of calorie intake. Why? Because macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) provide the energy we need for everyday life.

Carbohydrates are the body’s main source of fuel. Mainly found in whole grains, starchy foods, dairy, nuts, fruits, and veggies, they are readily used by the body for energy.

Protein is essential for growth, tissue repair, preserving muscle mass immune function, and energy when carbohydrates are not present.  You can find protein in meats, poultry, fish, dairy, legumes, and nuts.

Don’t forget about fats. It is the most concentrated source of energy, helping to absorb a number of vitamins. Poultry, meat, nuts, and dairy – all rich with fat.

We believe that you receive better nutrients through higher quality foods. Therefore, we use only organic grains, organic produce, and grass-fed dairy products in our recipes.



Born and raised in Dallas, Texas, Co-Founder Tammy Nguyen, moved to Los Angeles to better explore her passion for food. After graduating from Le Cordon Bleu, Tammy immediately started off her career as a chef. She then continued her education and received her Certification in Holistic Nutrition. With her combined love for fitness and penchant for healthy eating, she and her best friend Faby decided to open EAT ORGANIX.

Co-Founder Faby Niswonger first foray into the world of food began after graduating from Culinary school and moving to the East Coast, miles away from her upbringing in Los Angeles. After working for some of New York’s most popular restaurants, she returned home to Southern California to continue cooking. After a few medical setbacks in her family she was inspired to pursue a degree and career as a registered dietitian.

Faby and Tammy now hope to help others through EAT ORGANIX. They believe healthy food does not have to be boring. Together, they satisfy the palate with exciting, flavor-filled meals that feed your body essential nutrients.


We recommend for your meals to be reheated by stovetop or oven. Our containers are oven safe to 375. We suggest reheating it in the oven at 350 for 5 minutes or until warm.

To help save our beautiful planet, we suggest that you recycle our eco-friendly and biodegradable containers.


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